Business Growth Expert

Business Growth Expert

Global Transformative Leader

Luis empowers Global Leaders to create the expansion, recognition and legacy of the vision they’re committed to achieve.

Performance Marketing Expert

Luis leads a team of consultants who develop strategies to enable Organizations to scale their business goals.

Renewable Energy Consultant

Luis provides consulting on the cutting edge renewable technologies available to transform how the world produces energy.

Real Estate Consultant

Luis provides professional and reliable guidance throughout your purchasing process. From locations and projects, to legal and management needs.

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Luis Piedra is a Business Growth Expert | Successful Entrepreneur | International Speaker | Inbound Marketing Consultant | passionate about empowering the expansion and sustainability of businesses worldwide.

He is the CEO & Founder of INNOVA Marketing Solutions and WEREV Water & Energy Solutions. Among his philanthropist activities he supports inspiring projects such as the WE Initiative, out to solve the World Water Crisis and Frutos Unidos which empowers small and mid-size farmers to create new possibilities for their communities.

Through his assessment and implementation of Marketing Strategies & Breakthrough Renewable Energy Systems, companies around the world gain a competitive edge in their industry that allows them to scale their business while making a positive and lasting impact in their communities and the environment.

Whether you’re looking to implement marketing technologies proven to increase your revenues or drastically reduce your utility bills and operational costs, contact his team to expand and scale your business today.

JANELLE MOORE Senior Project Manager
at Genentech

"Luis is an extraordinary leader who brings transformation and inspiration to the world in such a way that makes a profound difference for people and their lives."

CARLOS SAENZ Human Resources Director
at Merck

"Luis is a highly versatile individual, methodic and results oriented. His extensive experience with sales & marketing of highly specialized services & solutions makes him and ideal go to person to expand your business."

BRIAN PURCELL Latin American Sales Channel Manager
at Fluke Networks

"Luis is extremely knowledgeable in his field, is a gifted strategist and excels in building long-standing relationships with customers and partners alike."

JOSIE SMITH Licensed Sales Producer
at Allstate

"Luis is an amazing transformational leader. He listens in a way that one feels gotten and as a result of his coaching I am able to take actions that bring fulfillment to all the important areas of my life."

ANDREA RUDIN Domestic USA Supply Chain Planning
Manager at Covidien

"Luis is a passionate and practical proffesional, expert in the sales and marketing fields which makes him an ideal partner to expand your business."

His passion is to empower Business Owners and Founders to take their business to the next level by leveraging
his fifteen years of sales and marketing experience.


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