How to choose an Inbound agency for your Software company

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SaaS (software as a service) is growing rapidly. According to BetterCloud, 73% of surveyed organizations said that at least 8 out of 10 of their apps would be SaaS by 2020, and the percentage is expected to increase in subsequent years.

These are companies that offer complete technological solutions to meet the needs of their customers or optimize their businesses, but due to the large number of functions that these companies have and the long sales cycles, it could be difficult to attract and generate the leads they need. to continue growing.

We know that a growing market requires special attention to reach potential customers. The inbound methodology is here to stay. This customer-centered approach, clarifying their doubts and meeting their needs, has proven to be effective in attracting more buyers, retaining them, increasing your income and improving your reputation. But how do you choose an inbound agency that suits your software business and helps it grow better?

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Yes, although inbound has proven to be useful, it does not mean that there is a single strategic plan for all industries. Your software company needs professionals who know your audience, your products and services, your competition and the dynamics of your market. In short, you should opt for an agency with experience in software, technology and related areas.

Here are some points that you should take into account to choose an ideal inbound agency for your software company:

1. Make sure they follow the inbound methodology

A traditional marketing agency knows how to highlight the benefits of the service you offer and show them to a digital audience. But we know that it is challenging to highlight all your services in the same space.

Inbound marketing does not go directly to your audience with an offer, it attracts them through content relevant to them, which answers each of their questions and guides them to make the best decision in their favor. In addition, it offers quality resources that will increase your recognition and reputation, as well as the trust they feel towards your brand and your offer.

When they come to you, they are already informed of much of what you have to offer. For this reason, inbound is perfect for growing your business, in addition to its close link with technology.

Check if the agency uses inbound tactics in its own business, such as newsletters, ebooks, blogs, Calls to Action (CTA) and the like. Check the quality of your content, interaction with other users and your online presence. See what technological tools they use to create their strategies and implement them. All of this will give you a good idea of ​​how they will work with your brand.

2. Verify they have prior experience in your industry

One of the goals of an inbound agency will be to create educational content so that your potential clients learn about your industry, best practices, what you offer and how it can benefit them. Imagine that this work is in the hands of people who do not know as much or more than your potential clients.

The training work would be immense and it is very likely that you will face long phases of trial and error. Of course, we do not suggest that they are experts in technology or software development, but having previous experience with other SaaS companies will make the diagnosis, planning and execution of strategies much more fluid.

3. Look at your past clients

To find out if there is previous experience with SaaS companies, you can check their previous clients. This will also allow you to see how the work done previously looks like, if they use inbound resources, if the content of their blog and website is of quality, if there is a consistent presence on social networks, among other things.

You can also check with the agency about success stories and what the work experience was like. If there is a problem with your past customers or a bad relationship, it will be important to do your research to decrease the chances of this happening with your brand.

Top-rated SaaS companies already use inbound

According to G2 Crowd, the best companies ranked under the Grid® Scoring Technology are those that add a high score, from 0 to 100, based on user reviews, online sources and social networks.

These are the ones that lead the list:

1. HubSpot (B2B, B2C)

It is a software company for inbound marketing, with tools based on CRM, social networks, content management, web analysis and SEO. It has a market presence of 74 points and 95 points in customer satisfaction.

In addition, it features blogs, courses, case studies, downloadable guides, ebooks, and other resources used by sales and marketing professionals and managers.

2. Google (B2B, B2C)

It has 137 products focused on Internet-related services, such as search engines, digital analytics, document creation, online advertising, among others. It was rated with 92 points in market presence and 94 in customer satisfaction.

Its platforms are user-friendly and its search engine is increasingly intuitive, positioning itself as number 1 worldwide. In addition, it has guides and practical tutorials to use each of its applications.

3. Adobe (B2B, B2C)

It adds more than 50 software for computers, focused on digital media, marketing, printing and publishing. It was rated 86 for market presence and 91 for customer satisfaction.

Their website includes a complete blog in which they not only answer frequent questions about the use of their products, but also include material of interest to professionals related to design, marketing and business, such as current marketing trends, success stories , inspiration for illustrators, among others.

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It is time to put your business in expert hands. Start generating quality leads with the inbound methodology, with the help of an experienced agency that transforms ideas into results.

At Innova Marketing Solutions we have had a rewarding experience supporting software companies to grow and increase their income. And we are ready to tell you in detail how inbound can boost your sales. Click here to schedule a call with us and get a free consultation. Let’s get to work!